Operating from Cape Town, Global Worming is the supplier of worm farms, worm castings, worm tea and bokashi throughout South Africa. You too can make a difference to our environment by using vermiculture to convert all kinds of organic waste to nutrient rich organic fertilisers.
We make and sell a range of competitively priced locally produced domestic and industrial sized Worm bins, worm farms and organic fertilisers.
If you would also like to make a difference, we can help to find a vermicomposting solution that suits your needs. Vermiculture is one of the answers to the waste disposal problem.


Every year 1.5 million tonnes of organic waste is dumped by municipal waste disposal services in Cape Town alone. In order to cut back this needless use of public funds, disposing of the organic waste that could benefit us if put to better use, it is necessary for the public to compost their own organic waste.
Traditional (aerobic) composting is good, but vermiculture is better!
Vermiculture is a composting process that uses worms and micro-organisms to convert organics into nutrient-rich humus"
All our fully functional Worm farms include free worms, free set up and maintenance instruction with free advice.

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