Problem Solving FAQ's

What if the worms try to escape?

If the worms are leaving the bin there it would be for a reason and would indicate that the conditions are not favourable.
You could shine a light on the bin this will encourage the worms to burrow down in the bedding
If the contents of the bin is to wet, drain the Bin and add dry bedding.
If the contents of the bin is to dry, (ants in the bin are a sure sign), add some moisture to the bedding.

Why will the worms in the bin die?

Worms could die because for bad conditions in bin. It could be that the bin is too wet or too dry and that they are receiving no food. The worms could die if the bin gets too hot or too cold.Should your worms die the best is too make sure that you bin temperature is correct and rectify your bin conditions.

What if the Bin starts to smell bad?

If the Bin doesn't get enough air, take off the lid for some time and aerate the Bin. If the Bin is to wet, drain the Bin and add dry bedding. If the bin contains to much food, aerate the bin regularly and stop feeding for 2 to 3 weeks.

What if the Bin attracts Flies and Fruit Flies?

Bury the food in the Bedding or cover the Surface of the Bin with a wet Newspaper or a piece of wet Hessian Cloth.

Must I turn the bedding in the worm farm?

Fluff up the bedding every week or two as this will speed up the decomposing process as the oxygen will circulate in the worm farm.
more sheltered spot, add some dry matter such as shredded paper, cardboard, dry leaves to take up some of the moisture, and add less food until the farm is back in balance.

How do I protect my worms in hot weather?

Compost worms start to become stressed once the temperature goes over about 30℃.   Best is to keep the worms out of the sun, you can cover the worms with wet newspaper, old blank or towel as this will reduce the temperature. Should you see the worms clumping together it can be a sign that the worm farm is getting to hot.

Do I need to add water?

As there is a lot of water in food scraps, so generally you should not have to add water. However you can sprinkle water over the bed from time to time to flush more worm juice through, or if there are signs of it being too dry. When it is hot you can spray some water on the top layer to make sure that the worm farm does not get too dry.

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