Advanced Midi Tower


Included in price:

5 Bin system
Secure lid and tap
Coco coir for bedding
1000 composting worms


Width: 64 cm
Height: 97 cm
Length: 39 cm



This worm farm is ideal for a large household or the catering industry. This worm farm is sold as a five-bin system with coco coir, set up instructions as well as 1000 worm run.

This Single Unit has plenty of space! Use garden clippings, household- or any other Organic waste to produce up to 200L of Worm castings at a time !!! This Upgrade of the very popular Midi Tower can take loads of Organic Waste. Work on several Levels at the same time and make use of old papers, last night’s uneaten TV dinners, and more. Let the worms have them! Put any organic waste in this wormery and help to leave our planet a cleaner place for your children’s children!


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