Bokashi Bin – Single Unit


The Advantages of Bokashi

Ideal for apartment dwellers, restaurants, hotels and schools
Quick Process – Get results in 2 weeks
Practically odourless
Easy to use and maintain
Compliments Worm bins and traditional composting
Recycles all your kitchen waste, even meat and fish
Produces great liquid fertilizer
Easy to use

“Note to continuously recycle your kitchen scraps order 2 Bokashi buckets. This will enable you to use one bucket while the contents of the other bucket are fermenting.”

The Bokashi Bucket consists of a black recycled plastic bucket (20 litre) an inside drainage screen for the bokashi juice, a tap for the bokashi juice, step by step instructions on the bucket
And 2 liter of bokashi bran



Bokashi is a relatively new process of fermenting organic waste material like kitchen scraps. It originated in Japan and is done in specially designed “Bokashi buckets”. They are designed to anaerobically ferment organic waste products with the help of beneficial microbes, which are applied inside the bucket with the aid of bokashi bran.

Just follow a few simple steps and start to recycle nearly all your kitchen waste, even fish, dairy products and meat.

Once the bucket is full it will take 10 to 14 days to be processed and fully fermented. Then you can open your bucket and either add its contents to your Compost heap or use it to enrich your garden soil.


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