Super Tower – 300 litre


Included in price:

3 Bin system
Secure lid and tap
Coco coir for bedding
1000 composting worms


Width: 46 cm
Height: 80 cm
Length: 82 cm



This King size worm farm can be used on everything from grass clippings to those pet’s doo-doos decorating the lawn and will convert it into the finest organic fertilizer (Worm Castings) for your garden and germination medium for your seedlings.

At the same time produce a top-quality liquid fertilizer (worm tea), for your use and save a trip to the nursery! This worm farm is ideal for large-scale wet waste production (hotels, restaurants, schools, and large businesses) This consist of 3 Working bins, Instructions, and Coco Coir and includes a 1000-pit run of worms.


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