Our Passion For The Environment Is What Drives Us

Global Worming has a variety of different worm farms to meet everyone’s worming needs from household to Business needs. In our changing environment, we should all try and recycle our organic waste and it is fantastic to see how businesses, restaurants, and schools are starting to recycle organic waste while turning their waste into rich fertilizer. Worm farming is a win-win situation for all.

Recycle Your Organic Waste

“Worm Farming is a passionate hobby of mine that turned into a business. Renewable Energy, and Sustainability is a passion of mine and my aim is to educate and let people know that you do not have to be a Gardener or expert Environmentalist to be a Worm Farmer. Worm Farming is as easy as ABC.
All you must want to do is to make a change and at the same time of making your corner of the planet cleaner by recycling your organic waste. Worm Farming is fun and a great way to Educate your children in the recycling process.”

– Julie Medhurst

Worm Farms For Households Or Business

Today we have the largest locally produced variety of domestic and industrial-sized worm farms in South Africa. All products can be adapted to suit each client’s personal needs. All worm farms are easy to set up and easy to maintain and we are also there to assist you where we can with either a phone call or email.
Recycling with composting worms is easy, fun, and can even generate an income. Helps in the fight against climate change and has many other benefits. If more people in South Africa got involved in worm farming we would have a lot fewer smelly bins on bin day.