Households and businesses that want to recycle their organic waste materials vary in size and produce different amounts of waste. Global Worming produce locally made domestic and industrial sized worm farms in South Africa. All products can be adapted to suit your personal needs.
A worm farm is a community of worms that are housed together in 3 bin system and used in a method of recycling food and organic wastes that converts the waste into natural organic fertiliser. The worm farms are very easy to set up and maintain and can convert organic waste into nutrient rich natural plant food.

The Worm Oasis

The Worm Oasis is a one of a kind South African Manufactured worm farm that has been designed and manufactured to be of the highest quality. This Worm farm is the top of the range domestic worm farm, that is aesthetically pleasing and ideal for a family and also the perfect gift. The Worm Farm is UV resistant, strong and durable.


R 1,600


R 1,150

Midi Worm Farm

Worm farms are easy to maintain and play a role in organic waste and garden recycling. With worm farming convert your organic waste into compost for your garden while reducing your waste and doing your part for the environment.

Compacta Worm Farm & Pet Poop Processor

This worm farm is the perfect worm farm for the single person or for small households. It’s capacity of 20 litres can easily be placed on a balcony, cupboard or under the kitchen sink, but can be stored outdoors as well.


R 495


R 1,800

Advanced Midi Tower | 240 Litre

This worm farm is ideal for the large household or the catering industry. This worm farm is sold as a five bin system with coco coir, set up instructions as well as 1000 worm run.

Super Tower (300 Litre)

This King size worm farm can be used on everything from grass clippings to those pet's doo-doos decorating the lawn and will convert it into the finest organic fertilizer (Worm Castings) for your garden and germination medium for your seedlings.


R 2,400


R 4,300

Super Tower (600 Litre)

This super large worm farm consist of 6 Working bins, Instructions, Coco Coir and includes a 2000 pit run of worms. This is a multi layered worm farm that is ideal for large amount of organic or garden waster to be recycled. This is the biggest and largest volume worm farm that Global Worming sells.

Bokashi Bin

Bokashi is a relatively new process of fermenting organic waste material like kitchen scraps. It originated in Japan and is done in specially designed “Bokashi buckets”. They are designed to anaerobically ferment organic waste products with the help of beneficial microbes, which are applied inside the bucket with the aid of bokashi bran.


R 395


R 175


The Composting worms that are sold by Global Worming are the Eisenia Fetida or better known as the “red wiggler”. These are one of the most frequently used worms in vermiculture. The “red wiggler” is an; Extremely tough and adaptable worm tolerate a range of temperatures (Between 0 and 35 degrees). Breeds prolifically – can double their population every 2-3 months in good conditions. Readily recycle your organic waste – they can eat half their body weight per day.

Worm Tea

Worm tea is known mostly for its ability to boost microbiological activity in soil by adding bacteria, fungi, actinomycetes, and protozoa to the soil it acts as a natural fungicide and insecticide and is used as an organic fertilizer that will not burn your plants but improve your soil structure and plant health.


R 40


R 50


Vermicompost , similarly known as worm castings or worm manure, enriches the soil and can be used as a high grade natural, organic fertilizer. The vericompost will improve root structure, help with plant growth, new shoots and blooms of plants.

Coco Coir

Coco Coir is used as bedding material when setting up your worm farm. It is one of the best beddings as it hold moisture, while allowing oxygen to circulate around the worm farm.


R 35

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